Nurse and Kid with mask Some Housekeeping notes:

Due to the nationwide staffing shortages, we continue to have to adjust our hours to be able to serve our wonderful patients. We apologize for any inconvenience our adjusted hours have caused anyone. We continue to try and balance the ability to treat our patients’ families and still be mindful of our own families. Please continue to refer to our website and Facebook for up-to-date hours. And always remember, we are only a phone call away.

We will continue to require an appropriate face mask for those entering our office over the age of 2. Masks should be worn over the nose and mouth, no gaiters or bandanas, please.

We will continue to provide “car visits” for those who are Covid positive and certain close contact exposures.

Flu season is upon us, so please be vigilante and remember to wash your hands and get vaccinated for flu as well as Covid. Majority of viral illnesses will resolve in 7-10 days and only require rest, symptomatic care, and oral fluids. Antibiotics will not treat a common cold or other viral illness.

Speaking of flu shots, we are in the process of determining dates for our flu clinics. Stay tuned for the email when we have chosen a date!

We hope everyone has adjusted to being back in school and work. Continue to cherish the warmth of summer memories. For some the return to school can be a time of stress and anxiety. Here are some ways to deal with these anxious times from Shannon Gibbons, our physician assistant.



What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal emotion that allows us to prepare for challenges and avoid dangers. Common anxiety triggers include test taking, speaking in front of groups, and unforeseen events. Certainly, many families have experienced changes in home and school routines as well. Anxiety is an expected emotion in these stressful situations. A typical reaction should be proportional to the stressor. A single stressor (ie attending a new school) will look different than a chronic severe stressor (ie a loss in the family).

When does anxiety become a disorder?

Anxiety becomes problematic for children when developmentally appropriate activities are no longer manageable. Children may exhibit physical symptoms and behavioral symptoms. Anxiety becomes a disorder when the persistence and consistency of symptoms cause a change in the child’s function.

What kinds of symptoms should I consider?

1. Avoidance of situations that trigger anxiety (may include meltdowns or specific avoidant behaviors).

2. Emotional distress results from a particular worry or situation

3. Unexplained physical symptoms: stomachaches, headaches, chest pain, shortness of breath choking/gagging, or nausea/vomiting, poor sleep, urgent trips to the bathroom, sweating

4. Hypervigilance- scanning an environment for anything deemed threatening

5. Reactivity- often due to new or changing events or expectations

What is my role as a parent?

As a caregiver, the primary goal is to identify if your child is exhibiting symptoms of anxiety. Medical professionals rely on information from caregivers for assessment and planning. Treatment is much more effective when parents and clinicians work together to reduce a child’s anxiety.

How do we treat Childhood Anxiety?

Medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions will help to differentiate between “normal” anxious reactions and severe/ongoing stress reactions. Treatment plans will help children to engage rather than avoid anxiety triggers and slowly tolerate and alleviate distress. A comprehensive evaluation will include an interview about internal symptoms and functional impairment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is often the first method of treatment. If not successful alone, medication is also considered.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Academy of Pediatrics

Please consult our providers if you are concerned about your child’s anxiety. We will evaluate your child and provide you with resources.

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